Instagram tests a ‘reshare’ sticker, which actually makes it harder to share posts


Instagram doesn’t want you to spam your friends with all of the posts you come across and like. So today, it’s starting a test to make sharing to Stories slightly trickier. The company is testing a “reshare” sticker that can be placed in Stories. When selected, a “recently viewed” tab will surface and let users choose from posts they’ve seen in the last hour, saved, or posted, which they can then share in their story. They can insert IGTV, reels, and feed video content.

You can get an idea of what the test looks like in the image above. Previously, if you wanted to share a feed post to your story, you had to so manually from the post itself. This test will replace that functionality, effectively requiring you to navigate away from the post itself and into the create mode.

An Instagram spokesperson says the test is designed to make people more “intentional” and “deliberate” about what they post. Presumably, this means they don’t want people to just tap a share button from a post and instead are introducing slightly more friction to do so. At the same time, Instagram likely wants people to engage more with content on the app, and this might raise the bar of what people see and, therefore, get them to tap through on various photos and videos.