Mum-of-three lives in fear of downpours as water ‘floods in through air vent’


A mum says she is living in fear of another downpour as rain floods in through her bedroom air vent.

Laura Tuach claims the flooding has created a foul smell and wrecked her home in Dumbarton, Scotland.

The mother-of-three says she can no longer sleep properly due to the ‘disgusting’ conditions.

Earlier this month she filmed rain pouring out of the burst pipes next to her window and coming in through her bedroom air vent.

The mum pleaded for help from West Dunbartonshire Council to sort out the problem before the home becomes completely ruined.

And it was confirmed yesterday that they were set to pay her a visit to try and rectify the problem.

Laura said last week: “They have done nothing. They have come out about seven times regarding this but it hasn’t been fixed.

“The last person who came out the other day said it was a serious emergency, ‘we will get someone out straight away’ but no-one has come.”

Laura, who has stayed in the three-bedroom Wallace Street property for a decade, said the problems emerged before the start of the pandemic, around 18 months ago.

She continued: “The pipes are all burst which you can visibly see right at the window. I can’t open my bedroom window because if it rains it will pour through the window or vent. It’s pouring through and the carpets are ruined. The house is stinking.

“I have done everything I can to clean it.

“I can’t even sleep in my room. It took me 10 years to do up the house on my own with three kids. If it rains again, it’s going to happen again.”

Last week, Dumbarton man Robert Elder had expressed concern over repairs which he claimed had been held up due to a backlog created by the pandemic. However, he said the issue was reported well before March 2020.

During last month’s full council meeting, Angela Wilson, who is the authority’s chief officer for supply, distribution and property said a shortage of materials and staffing difficulties had impacted on work being done across the board.

She said: “At times there will be little we can do because of the national shortage.”

The council officer explained that, in the longer term, her department would look at bringing in apprentices to address a skills shortage.

Laura was concerned that something labelled as an emergency was just being left to get worse.

She added: “This is the sixth time they have just left me. They are difficult to get through to on the phone and if you do, sometimes they just hang up. They have got a backlog and I think they are overwhelmed but I can’t live like this.

“The smell is disgusting. I keep waking up with my chest feeling really heavy.

“I can’t sleep properly and it’s giving me a headache.

“I am just so scared the rain comes again and there’s a big downpour.

“I wish they would come out and sort it out. This is an emergency.”

A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council confirmed yesterday that steps were being taken to address
the issue.

She added: “We are sorry to hear the tenant is unhappy with the service she has received.

“An officer is visiting the property today to progress this repair and we will continue to liaise directly with the tenant until this is resolved.”